Silver State Competition

Silver State Competition

Guidelines and Rules

Saturday, November 3rd, 2019



To provide a local competition that is open to the students of LVMTA members and non-member teachers.

To provide an opportunity for students to perform for an audience.

To provide a fundraiser for the Nevada Music Teachers Association.


Performance Goals

Artistic value- personal involvement and musical perception

Performance excellence- technique, continuity, and stylistic character

Stage presence- performance etiquette and solid memory



The competition is open to any instrumental or vocal student enrolled in school grades 1-12. 

Solos and Ensembles

Students performing solos will do so without any other performer on stage with them, except an accompanist, if applicable, or someone assisting the accompanist. Teachers may not accompany their own student(s) in grades 9-12. Students may perform more than one piece within the time limit. Time limits will be strictly observed. Please ensure that the selected repertoire fits comfortably within the appropriate time limits.

Ensembles for the Silver State Competition will include: one piano (4-6 hands), ensembles for other instrument and vocal categories, or chamber groups involving piano, violin, cello, etc. Duo piano entries are not permitted. Students who audition for MTNA track competitions during the current school year may not enter any solo category or MTNA Senior Piano Duet. Students may still participate in the Roger Bushell competition as well as Silver State, but students may not enter the MTNA competition and Silver State in the same year.


Students performing solos shall be grouped into the following divisions and observe the state time limits. Ensembles shall enter the division of the oldest student in the ensemble:

Division I: Grades 1-2 5 minutes

Division II: Grades 3-4 5 minutes

Division III: Grades 5-6 6 minutes

Division IV: Grades 7-8 6 minutes

Division V: Grades 9-10 8 minutes

Division VI: Grades 11-12 10 minutes



Music literature from the following periods of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary.

     A) Solo B) Ensemble



Music used to accompany groups, hymns, jazz, light contemporary, movie and stage music, and pedagogical materials.


     A) Solo B) Ensemble


Original Compositions

A notated printed or handwritten music score must be provided for the judge. All original compositions must be performed by either the composer or a student(s) in grades 1-12 and must be memorized.

     A) Solo B) Ensemble



Silver State Registration


Online Registration begins on Saturday, September 26 , 2018 and goes to Saturday, October 8th, 2018.

Click her to register


Fees are as follows:

Registration Fees for Solo events are $30 for members and $50 for non-members per

student per category entered. Duets or ensembles are $15 per student. For example:

Members entering Duets each student pays $15 for a total of $30. In a quartet each

student pays $15 for a total of $60.

Non-members entering Ensembles each student pays $25.


Teachers submit one check for all student entries made payable to NMTA, postmarked no later than Wednesday, October 10th, 2018. Please send all payments to:

David Skouson

4319 Hempsted Glen Ave,

North Las Vegas,NV 89031

LVMTA member status shall be determined by the September 1st, 2018 report from the national office. If LVMTA membership for a participating teacher has not been confirmed by September 1st, 2018, students of the teacher will pay the non-member fee of $50.00 per student per category entered.

After Registration closes a master schedule will be send out with your students’ schedules and instructions for the parents.



Participant certificates will be presented to all performers. Judges may award one First Place, one Second Place, and as many Honorable Mentions as deemed suitable. Judges are not required to award any prizes except for Honorable Mention. Awards may be ribbons and/or special certificates. There will be an Award Ceremonies in the Lobby area of the Doc Rando right after each recital.


Additional Rules

-Heavy metal, hard rock or rap will not be accepted.

-All solo music must be memorized.

-Ensemble music does not need to be memorized, but students must use original scores during performance, and teachers and students must provide an additional score for the judge.

-No repertoire may be repeated from other competitions.

-No recorded accompaniments are permitted.

-All teachers and coordinators from multiple studios and/or multiple instruments shall be recognized.

-It is required that participating teachers will assist on the day of the competition, in the positions of room, registrar, room monitor or timer.

-A student must have studied with the participating teacher for at least three months prior to the competition.

-No student, parent or teacher shall interact with the judges. If a student, or their teacher or parent, is found interacting with judges prior to or during the competition, that student will be disqualified.

-The chairman may approve exceptions.


Judge/judging criteria

One judge will evaluate each category. He or she must be qualified to evaluate the particular instrument. The judge is to be obtained from the community, and a non-MTNA member is preferred. He or she shall make evaluations considering the stated performance goals, which include the characteristics of the category’s instrument, musical interpretation, and individual presentation. The level of advancement or the difficulty of the music should not influence the judge’s decision. The judge will view the music of each piece performed, but will not write commentary. The decision of the judge is final. If a parent confronts a judge, the chairperson, or a coordinator, their child will not be permitted to participate in the following year’s Silver State Competition. Entrance in the subsequent year will require approval of the State Silver State Chairperson. Additionally, if a teacher confronts a judge, none of his or her students will be allowed to participate in the following year’s Silver State Competition. Entrance in the subsequent year will require approval of the State Silver State Chairperson. 


The Nevada Music Teachers Association (NMTA) is pleased to invite all first place winners of the Silver State Competition to perform in a Winners Recital to be held Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at the NMTA Conference at UNLV. 

We want to recognize the winners in front of a more diverse audience of teachers and family members. The recital will be both a great honor for winning students and a wonderful recital for all the teachers in Nevada attending the annual conference!

The recital will be one hour in length. Winners will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please secure your slot in the Winners Recital with your local chair as soon as you are notified of the first place award. The event chairs are Damaris Morales (LVMTA), (NNMTA) Performance times will be announced in March or April 2019, at which time we will ask for the name of the piece winners choose to perform, which is not restricted to Silver State Competition selections. Junior competitors will have 5 minutes and seniors 7 minutes.


All teachers entering students in Silver State are required to volunteer at the event. To opt out of Volunteering please write a separate check for $50 made out to NMTA and write in the memo Volunteering. This can be sent together in the same envelope with the students’ fee and mailed to the address above. 


Good luck to all Silver State competitors! We look forward to hearing your performances!!


Please email your questions, concerns and suggestions to the chairperson:

             Damaris Morales  

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