Jazz Festival Guidelines

Event Chair: Marlene Meagher 702 427-5559 dvdob@aol.com


Date: Sat, Sept 28, 2019 Jazz Festival Orchestra Room. Clark High School


Registration Sept 1, 2019 - Sept 13, 2019


Jazz Festival is open to school and college age students.


Piano, Voice, Winds, Strings, Percussion may enter. ONE Piano and a music stand will be provided, any additional equipment must be supplied by the entrant or their teacher AND must be able to set up and take down with no interruption of the festival.


Students MUST perform music from one of the following Jazz Genres: Swing, Be-Bop, Boogie Woogie, Blues, Big Band, Dixieland Jazz, Latin Jazz, or Ragtime. Students may also perform any selection at their level from books specifically in Jazz Styles such as “Jazz, Rags, and Blues” Mier or the Mier Jazz Alfred Series, “Jazz a Little Jazz a Lot” - Rollin, “Jazz ‘n Rags at Your Fingertips”-Vogt, “Especially in Jazzy Style”-Alexander, “Celebrated Jazzy Solos”-Vandall, “Simply Jazzy”-Goldston. Disney songs and Pop music are not acceptable music choices. Only Broadway music that is in a true jazz style will be allowed. 


The performer has a 3-minute time limit. Students can perform 1 or 2 pieces as long as they stay within the 3-minute limit. PLEASE keep in mind that one overall rating will be given for the entire performance for example, if a student does an outstanding performance on one piece but a good performance on the second piece the student will receive a rating that reflects the two performances combined. 


Categories: Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet


Entry fees: $18 for solo entry, $24-Duet, $36-Trio, $48-Quartet 

The Festival is a recital format. Recitals are 9:00 am. 10:15 am. 11:30 am. 12:45 pm. 2:00 pm. and 3:15 pm. Time selection is on a first come basis.


Students must provide the judge with an original hard copy of the music. No photo copies will be accepted. If it is downloaded, proof of purchase is required.


Solos must be memorized. Duets, Trios, Quartets do not. Teachers who perform accompaniments with their students MUST have the student part blocked out so judges know student has their part memorized.


Judging Criteria: Creativity, Technical Skills, Style, and Repertoire. CLICK HERE to download a sample PDF of the new judging form


All students receive a certificate. Students who earn a SUPERIOR WITH DISTINCTION will receive a gold Seal of Excellence on their certificate and a Medal.


Attire: Students may dress in costumes or outfits to complement their music selection otherwise recital attire is recommended. 


OUTSTANDING JAZZ PERFORMANCE AWARD will be presented to the performers who exemplify the spirit of Jazz. To be considered for this award the performer must receive a Superior with Distinction AND clearly exhibit showmanship and audience appeal, a truly exceptional performance. Decision of the judge is final. 


All teachers who enter students must volunteer to serve for 2 time slots in whatever capacity is needed unless prior arrangements have been made with the chairman.

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