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Mission Statement

As a local chapter of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, the Las Vegas Music Teachers Association (LVMTA) shares in MTNA's mission of "advancing the value of music study and music-making to society while supporting the careers and professionalism of teachers of music." (


LVMTA is one of only two chapters in Nevada, and our chapter encompasses the entire southern Nevada region. Together with our colleagues in the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association (NNMTA), our members collectively make up the statewide Nevada Music Teachers Association (NMTA).


Our mission is primarily to provide opportunities and a sense of community for independent music teachers and their students. We welcome teachers and aspiring teachers of all instruments and levels, regardless of age, race, orientation, or creed. We work together to deepen the musical culture in our region, and to constantly better ourselves and our programs to best serve our students.


We pride ourselves on the breadth and diversity of our programs, which we have honed to provide students of all levels with a well-rounded musical education. We offer adjudication-based festivals, charity fundraising performance opportunities, master classes, a range of competitions, and annual progressive theory examinations.


LVMTA is run exclusively by volunteers, dedicated teachers who generously pledge their time to keep the organization and its mission alive for our local teachers and students. Most of our events require a small volunteer commitment from each participating teacher, and we rely on the sum of these commitments to make the event happen year after year. We are also perpetually in need of teachers to assume leadership roles of varying workloads. If you are interested in getting involved, whether as an elected officer, an event chair, or an instrument chair within a larger event, please let us know. Your involvement would be warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.

LVMTA Leadership

*Denotes a voting member of the LVMTA Board of Directors

Elected Officers


President: Marlene Meagher * (2018-2020)

Immediate Past-President: Dr. Spender Baker* (2018-2020)​

Vice President of Programs: Dr. Masha Pisarenko* (2017-2019)

Vice President of Membership: Polya Bankova* (2016-2019)

Vice President of Newsletter: Julian Lam* (2018-2020)

Secretary: Lisa Marie Intravaia* (2018-2020)

Treasurer: Laura Friedlander* (2016-2019)


Event Chairs


Jazz Festival: Marlene Meagher*

Ensemble Festival: Allison Olson*, Kathleen Waite*, Michelle Lee*

NFMC Junior Festival Piano: Lurie Swain 

Play-a-Thon: Allison Olson*, and Sandra Childs

Musicianship Exams: David Skouson

Silver State Competition: Damaris Morales

Roger Bushell Competition: Dr. Spencer Baker

Legacy Competition: Michelle Lee

MTNA Competition: Jee Wong (State Competition Chair)

 Constitution and Bylaws

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