Ensemble Festival Guidelines

Mission: To provide an opportunity for teachers and students to perform ensemble music (duets, duos, trios, quartets, quintets) in a formal recital setting and to learn from that experience through an adjudicator's remarks. Students will receive a certificate, ribbon, and adjudication sheet.

NFMC: Ensemble Festival also encompasses the NFMC Junior Festival piano ensemble component. Students may choose to receive optional NFMC Junior Festival credit. This must be specified at registration. See NFMC Junior Festival Bulletin for rules and read additional Junior Festival information below.

Festival date: Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019  

Location: Clark High School Theater

Recital times: 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, 4:30pm

Register online at www.lvmta.com

Registration OPENS Saturday, September 21, 2019,

and CLOSES Monday, September 30, 2019.

All Fees due no later than Monday, September 30, 2019.

Member fees are $15 per student per ensemble:

Member Duets or Duos: $30

Member Trios: $45

Member Quartets: $60

Member Quintets: $75

Non-member fees are as follows:

Non-member Duets or Duos: $50

Non-member Trios: $60  

Non-member Quartets: $70

Non-member Quintets: $80

Participants: Both teachers and students are encouraged to participate.

Co-Chairs: Michelle Lee – michellelee1@hotmail.com 

Allison Olson – olsonfam5k@cox.net

Kathleen Waite – kathleencwaite@gmail.com

Piano team rehearsal date: Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 

Please note: Rehearsal is only for 5-piano quintets or 4-piano quartet groups and will be held approximately 4-7pm on Oct. 11. Rehearsal time must be scheduled directly with the Chairperson, Michelle Lee, prior to Oct. 11. Times are first-come, first-serve. Please contact Michelle Lee ASAP. 

Additional Info

Duet: One Piano, Four Hands; or two instrumentalists/vocalists

Duo: Two Pianos, Four Hands

Trio: One Piano, Six Hands or Three Pianos, Six Hands; or three instrumentalists/ vocalists

Quartet: Two Pianos, Eight Hands or Four Pianos, Eight Hands; or four instrumentalists/ vocalists

Quintet: Five Pianos, Ten Hands; or five instrumentalists/vocalists

Performance Time Limits

Ages 4 - 9: 4 minutes

Ages 10 - 15: 7 minutes

Ages 16 - Adult: 10 minutes


Age/Time Determination: The entry age of the ensemble will be determined by averaging the ages of all ensemble members. For example, if a 16-year-old participant is playing with a 12-year-old sibling, the average is 14 years; hence their total performance time will be 7 minutes. These are maximum time limits; filling the entire time is not required, nor is it a judging point. Please be sure your application reflects an accurate performance time in order that each recital does not exceed 55 minutes.

Format: Recitals will be 55 minutes in length followed by an awards presentation. Participants should stay for the entire recital. Each ensemble must observe the time limits listed above.

Judging: This festival is not a competition. The judging format will be similar to our local school district's "solo and ensemble" format. The areas addressed will be technique, style, musicianship and presentation. All ensemble participants will receive colored ribbons indicating a rating, as follows: 

I - Superior - Blue Ribbon  

II - Excellent - Red Ribbon 

III - Satisfactory - White Ribbon


ORIGINAL MUSIC: Original music must be give to the judge and used on stage, if performing with music. Photocopies are not allowed except for the purpose of facilitating a page turn; therefore, only an individual page of the composition may be copied-not the entire piece. Be prepared with enough music for all performers and the judge. Memorization is encouraged, but not required.

JUNIOR FESTIVAL: For those choosing to enter ensembles under the optional NFMC Junior Festival requirements, required piece selections must be made from the green NFMC Festivals Bulletin that covers July 2016 - June 2020.  Also, if you enter a student in more than one Jr. Festival entry, the student may earn points only one time.  (Please see Bulletin page 58 for further clarification.)  Additionally, if a teacher is the partner for an ensemble, no Jr. Festival points can be awarded.  Please check the Bulletin for all current rules.  To obtain a Bulletin, please contact the Jr. Festival Chairperson.

The following was enacted June 3, 2005, by the LVMTA Board of Directors and will apply to all LVMTA events: PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS EVENT IF YOU, THE PARTICIPATING TEACHER, WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST with this event in some way, either before, during or after.

VOLUNTEER POSITIONS: Check-in Table Monitor, Performance Monitor, MC/Backstage Monitor, Judge's Helper, Award's Presenter.  Allison Olson will contact participating teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments.  You can also sign up with her at the Opening Social. If you are new to LVMTA or the event, volunteering is a great way to become familiarized with the event.

LIBRARY: We have a collection of duet, duo, and quintet books that are available for check out.  These books can be used as the original music on stage during the performance or the book given to the judge.  Also, if you have ensemble books that you no longer use, we are gladly accepting donations.  Kathleen Waite is the librarian, please contact her to view and borrow from or donate to the library.

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